Leafa character book scanned!

Next, we’ve got the Leafa character book from Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE volume 56! Just like last time this is a bit of a poor name since most of this is an extra story for Clover’s Regret, but, well, I don’t make the decisions. Hope you like it anyway!

Leafa character book.


Project Alicization manga chapters 5 and 6 scanned!

So, after forgetting to post the chapter 5 scans for the Alicization manga (oops), we now have a double update of chapters 5 and 6! Chapter 5 comes, once again, from the lovely people over at Alfheim.cc, while chapter 6 comes from us (TUSF). Sorry it took so long, but enjoy!

Chapter 5.
Chapter 6.

DBM character books 1 and 2 scanned!

Okay, I think this is the last of my backlog for now, and it’s the character books for Kirito and Asuna included with Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE volumes 54 and 55, respectively. Calling them “character books” is a bit of a misnomer since the majority of each book is an extra chapter for Clover’s Regret, but who am I to title these things? Enjoy them!

Kirito character book.
Asuna character book.

Aincrad Night of Kirito chapters 4 and 5 scanned!

Continuing with the “TUSF has already put in a lot of work” train, we have the two chapters of the ANoK manga included in SAOmag v3. I know Gsi’s excited for these, I’m sure I’ll be hearing that he’s got the chapters translated in no time. Plus the Yui reaction faces are golden, just like last time lol.

Chapter 4 scans.
Chapter 5 scans.