Kibaou-han manga chapters 1 and 2 scanned!

All right, after putting it off for much too long (and forgetting far too many times lol), I’ve finally gotten around to scanning the Kibaou-han manga chapters I have. These chapters are surprisingly short, so I’m interested to see what exactly the contents could be. As always, use these however you please.

Chapter 1 scans.
Chapter 2 scans.

Hollow Realization manga chapter 1 scanned!

Alright, finally got around to scanning this chapter since there was some interest shown in it, so here we are. This one is a long one and I’m pretty sure the next chapter is even longer so that’s exciting… not! Oh well, since there’s interest in it I don’t mind doing it, so look forward to the next chapter as well!

Full scans.

Project Alicization manga chapter 3 scanned!

Thanks to the kind and generous people over at, we have scans of the third chapter of the Project Alicization manga. This chapter was scanned entirely by the people of so all credit goes to them, and they have ever so graciously given me permission to post their scans here for all to use. A million thanks to you guys for these!

Full scans.

Project Alicization manga Chapter 2 scans complete!

Well, my copy of Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE v52 arrived a day early and I figured I may as well get this done and ready for translation. As such, the scans got bumped to the top of my priority list and here they are. There’s a minor tear in the last couple pages (oops), but it doesn’t damage anything but blank space so it should be just fine.

Full scans.