Project Alicization manga chapter 7 scanned!

The second dish we can present you today, again from Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE volume 57 that TUSF scanned, is chapter 7 of the Project Alizication manga. All aboard the hype train for the Alicization anime project if you missed it!

Chapter 7.


Sinon character book scanned!

Mamue here with an update. After a long time of silence (oops), we have more scans for you today. TUSF scanned parts of the Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE volume 57. Thus, the first scans we can present you are for the Sinon character book, the fourth character book in this installment! I hope you enjoy it!

Sinon character book.

DBM character books 1 and 2 scanned!

Okay, I think this is the last of my backlog for now, and it’s the character books for Kirito and Asuna included with Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE volumes 54 and 55, respectively. Calling them “character books” is a bit of a misnomer since the majority of each book is an extra chapter for Clover’s Regret, but who am I to title these things? Enjoy them!

Kirito character book.
Asuna character book.

Hollow Realization mini posters scanned!

Got a request from a fan (lol jk, I don’t have fans) to scan the mini posters included in the Hollow Realization limited edition set, so that’s exactly what I’ve done! Reddit user /u/BleedingUranium not only requested these scans, but he was also kind enough to supply the mini posters for scanning! Anyone who enjoys these, please say a little “thank you” to this person as he’s the one who made this all possible!

Poster scans.