Silica & Lisbeth Character Book scans

TUSF here. Today, after eons of waiting, we have the 5th character book, featuring Lisbeth and Silica.

I actually scanned this book back in November, but it seems we forgot to post them. Anyways, enjoy: Character Book Vol 5


Site is up!

Alright, this site seems to be up and running. This will end up being our official site for this project, where we post updates on our progress.

The Home page is where you can view our updates chronologically, you’ll know what’s happened and when.

The Gallery page is where we’ll post our scans, and we’ll have them sorted into two groups for each item scanned. The first group will be for the entire item as if you were to purchase it yourself, and the other will be used for scans of the illustrations alone. This will allow those only interested in the illustrations to find them with ease,  while those interested in the entirety of the volume for any purpose can access them entirely in one place.

The Breakdown page is where we will have a breakdown of everything done for this project: how much we’ve received, what we’ve purchased and how much it cost, progress on the scans, and our plans for the future of the project.

The F.A.Q. page is for, naturally, frequently asked questions. It’s got most of the basic information about the project and its staff.

The Donate page is for information about donating to this project, both where to donate and a bit of information about the donations themselves.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time, the comments section is always open.