Who is involved with this project?

Currently the people involved are myself, ZeHaffen, as well as Gsimenas and TUSF. I (ZeHaffen) will be handling the finances for this project and making the purchases, as well as doing the unbinding and scanning of the content along with TUSF. Gsimenas will help with translating much of the scanned content. Additionally, Mamue will assist with managing the website.

How will my donation help?

Any and all donations will be used solely for the purpose of purchasing SAO content that is currently only available in Japan, content such as the recently released Volume 17. These items will be imported, unbound as necessary, scanned, and uploaded for all to enjoy. Any and all donations are accepted and appreciated, and will be used for the purpose of bringing you all more SAO content.

How does this benefit me?

This will be beneficial in a few ways. Firstly, it will provide a faster, more stable means of getting some of the lesser-known or even some of the slower-to-release content available to the general public. It will allow illustrations to be uploaded not only here but also to places such as the SAO Wikia where, naturally, a large wealth of information is stored and available to the public. This will also provide for scans of the text, these scans can and will be sent to translators of the series to allow for easier and potentially faster translations of content. It will also provide a means for some of the less significant content to receive translations, things that might not get translated otherwise due to being deemed not worth purchasing due to lack of interest. The raws will also then be available to people who may be able to use them for things such as Japanese-to-Chinese translations, which will be beneficial for other translators such as Team Defan. We can even use the funds to purchase items such as art books that will get scanned, a prime example being something like the abec Art Works book that released a few months ago. Any and all SAO content can and hopefully will be purchased and scanned should we be able to do so.

What will my donation be used for specifically?

If you choose to donate, you can attach a message to your donation requesting what your donation be used for. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that your donation will be used only for what you’ve requested, however I will be sure to keep a list of what has been requested and try to honor requests as much as possible. If you don’t have any requests or would simply like to donate for the sake of helping, your donation will be used for whatever we decide would be best to have scanned next. This decision will be made by the three of us involved, but we will be sure to keep our eyes peeled for what seems to be the most wanted content at the time. We will do our best to get the most desired content scanned first, with the not-as-popular content coming later.

How can I be sure my donation is being used properly?

I’ll be brutally honest here, I’m not entirely sure how I can prove this to you. That said, I think the results will speak for themselves when scans and translations get posted here and elsewhere with the content the donations are used for. I won’t be able to send direct proof of what exactly your funds have been used for, so I ask that you trust in me and the others and watch as more content gets scanned and uploaded.

How much should I donate? What if I’m not comfortable donating, don’t want to donate, or am unable to donate?

Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated, be it $100 or $0.10 your donation will be immensely helpful. Every donation we receive will be used to help get more content available to the public, so feel free to donate as much as you’d like. You also shouldn’t feel obliged to donate anything at all, if you’re uncomfortable making a donation, simply don’t want to for any reason, or are unable to donate that’s fine as well. We aren’t requiring donations of any kind, we are only requesting them on behalf of the fanbase for the purpose of providing more content at a faster pace.

Where can I make a donation?

I have set up a PayPal account solely for this purpose, donations can be made by sending money to said account. The account can be donated by sending money to SAOfunds@gmail.com through PayPal, which also allows for messages to be attached and used for, in this case, requests for what your donation be used towards. You can also send money through this PayPal service, PayPal.me, which will send it directly to the account I created.