ZeHaffen here with an update: I am currently working to scan the Hollow Realization manga (hoping for a release today or tomorrow), then will be moving on to chapter 2 of the Aincrad Night of Kirito manga. After that will come Hollow Realization chapter 2, and chapter 3 of the Project Alicization manga will follow. The Kibaou-han manga appears to have garnered no interest from translators, so that will be among the last things scanned unless someone shows interest.

In regards to the Project Alicization manga, we have found a Chinese translation with what appears to be very high quality scans. As such, translation of the chapter can being right away without our scans being required. Scans will still come since the Japanese scans are eluding us, but since they aren’t required for the English translation they will not be prioritised like they have been in the past. Thank you for your understanding.


Aincrad Night of Kirito manga scanned!

Got my copy of the SAO Magazine the other day, finally found time to scan the first of three new manga from it. Gsi was interested in translating this one since he thought it was cute, so I figured this would be the first to be scanned. Use the scans however you please, and enjoy!

Full scans.

Project Alicization manga Chapter 2 scans complete!

Well, my copy of Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE v52 arrived a day early and I figured I may as well get this done and ready for translation. As such, the scans got bumped to the top of my priority list and here they are. There’s a minor tear in the last couple pages (oops), but it doesn’t damage anything but blank space so it should be just fine.

Full scans.

Clover’s Regret Chapter 2 scans available!

Finally finished the Clover’s Regret chapter 2 scans, it took a bit longer than expected since I planned to do it one night and managed to bring my laptop and scanner but forget the chapter itself lol. Well, now that I’m back home they’re all taken care of, so feel free to use them as you wish!

Full scans.

Illustrations only.

Clover’s Regret Chapter 1 scans now available!

Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE v50, our first purchase for this project, has arrived, and thanks to the hard work of TUSF we got Clover’s Regret scans quite quickly! There are two .zip files, one with the full set of scans and one with just the illustrations. Feel free to use the scans as you please, just make sure to credit us here at SAO Scans Project for them!

Illustrations only.

Site is up!

Alright, this site seems to be up and running. This will end up being our official site for this project, where we post updates on our progress.

The Home page is where you can view our updates chronologically, you’ll know what’s happened and when.

The Gallery page is where we’ll post our scans, and we’ll have them sorted into two groups for each item scanned. The first group will be for the entire item as if you were to purchase it yourself, and the other will be used for scans of the illustrations alone. This will allow those only interested in the illustrations to find them with ease,  while those interested in the entirety of the volume for any purpose can access them entirely in one place.

The Breakdown page is where we will have a breakdown of everything done for this project: how much we’ve received, what we’ve purchased and how much it cost, progress on the scans, and our plans for the future of the project.

The F.A.Q. page is for, naturally, frequently asked questions. It’s got most of the basic information about the project and its staff.

The Donate page is for information about donating to this project, both where to donate and a bit of information about the donations themselves.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time, the comments section is always open.